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Motorcycle Accessory & Apparel

Guts ‘n Gas is your one stop motorcycle accessory and apparel store stocking all motorcycle necessities such as helmets, jackets, suits, luggage, and spares for all types of riders from commuters to racers.

We offer a unique, new to the industry certified luggage fitment centre, with the leading luggage brands in South Africa. We offer a multitude of different styles, from hard luggage to semi rigid luggage. And fitment kits for most bikes from scooters through to adventure bikes.

We strive to be the best by providing great service, variety and competitive pricing. The Company is owner run with both entrepreneurs having over 20 years combined experience within the motorcycle industry and community, and willing to help you with all your motorcycle needs.

  • Rainbow Waist Coat Leather Black


    Rainbow Waist Coat Leather Black

    Simply styled waistcoat with open adjustable tie-sides. Made in high quality, black cowhide. Heavy duty 100% cotton lined, with strong cotton pocket linings.
    Colour: Black only

  • OPTIMATE 4 Battery Charger P004


    OPTIMATE 4 Battery Charger P004

    The microprocessor controlled OptiMate 4 uses a new dual-stage recovery and turbo recovery desulfating action that can save can save neglected batteries. For neglected deep-discharged batteries the RECOVERY mode engages automatically, while the TURBO RECOVERY mode engages for more severely neglected batteries. After doing the desafation the Optimate 4 then charges the battery, verifies that the battery is as fully charged as its basic state of health allows, and then checks for & detects dead battery cells.

    The OptiMate 4 is much more than a trickle charger

    Now with a new dual-stage RECOVERY and TURBO RECOVERY desulphating action .

    For neglected deep-discharged batteries the RECOVERY mode engages automatically, while the TURBO RECOVERY mode engages for more severely neglected batteries.

    Battery charger & tester
    Weatherproof sealed enclosure
    Replaceable wall mounts



    SHAD SEMI RIGG XOSE16P PIN SYSTEM Tank Bag 11L to 15LSHAD motorcycle PIN SYSTEM tank bag E16P SHAD presents us its new semi-stiff PIN SYSTEM luggage collection, conceived for an intensive use in 2-wheels. These tank-bags are esthetic, functional and rich in details, to improve the driver comfort of the users.These tank-bags integrate the innovating PIN SYSTEM patented by SHAD, which fixes the tank-bag to the tank-cover in a safe and fast way.IMPORTANT:To fix your SHAD tank-bag, you also have to get the PIN SYSTEM corresponding to your motorcycle’s model (optional). There are several types of PIN SYSTEM according to your motorcycle’s mark (see products suggested at the bottom of page).A top manufacturing for a sober and practical model. The E16P tank-bag proposes a capacity of 11 to 15 liters, to take the necessary of the everyday life for a day.It integrates of more an upper compartment with touch-sensitive screen for an easy use of your smartphone.REF: XOSE16PTechnical characteristics :- Semi-stiff tank-bag thermoformed in polyester 600D- Capacity expandable from 11L to 15L- Quick fitting on the tank-cover thanks to the PIN SYSTEM- “Plug & play” installation in just 3 minutes- Adjustable in 4 different positions for maximum bike & rider integration- Easily accessible main compartment- Touch-sensitive pocket on the top which allows the use of smartphone 5.5″ maxi
    – Lockable & glove friendly zippers
    – Toll pass holder
    – Internal pockets
    – Rainy cover
    – Security strap included
    – Shoulder strap and padded handle to carry
    – Reflecting inserts
    – Outlet for USB charger
    – Sizes: width 40cm / Height 20/26cm / Depth 28cm

  • SHAD E-48 SEMI RIGID SaddleBag 20/26L 0SE48


    SHAD E-48 SEMI RIGID SaddleBag 20/26L 0SE48Semi Rigid Saddle bags with reflective elements to increase security. Expandable. Fixed to the bike by a new specific system “Side bag holder”.Features:Semi Rigid Exterior thermo-formed in EVA and reinforced sides with. Tough, keeps belongings protected. More stable in the wind.Zip main compartment for secure, spacious storage and adjustable elastic straps.Expandable to increase capacity. It features two straps with metal buckle to adjust volume and prevent from twisting because of the wind and vibration of the bike.Cushioned carry handleWaterproof zipper with resistant pullers suitable for use with gloves.2 straps for securing the bag to the bike frame.Waterproof rain cover.Fixed to the bike by a new metallic “Side Bag Holder“, that is inserted into a the rear compartment of the saddle bag.
    Rings that allow the use of heat shield (Insulation thermal pad Ref. X1SB97) sold as an accessory.

    Size: 45 x 23 x 27 cm
    Whole Set Capacity: 40 L to 52 L
    Fabric: Polyester.

  • TUFF Jug 10L White with Orange ripper cap Fuel Can


    TUFF Jug 10L White with Orange ripper cap Fuel Can

    Tuff Jugs come with the ripper cap system, a self-regulating option which allows 20 litres of fuel to be dumped, no hassle, no spillage, in 45 seconds from a 20 litre container. Just lift the can (available in either 10 litre or 20 litre options), turn upside down and place firmly into the petrol tank. Pushing the Tuff Jug down opens the caps outlet and the internally fitted ventilation tube works in conjunction with the ripper cap to quickly and efficiently fill your petrol tank. The universal seal prevents spillage and Tuff Jug will automatically shut off once the tank is full. Lifting the Tuff Jug away from your petrol tank shuts off the ripper cap preventing any spillage of your precious fuel.


    Pours 5 gallons in thirty eight seconds
    Fluids stop flowing after reaching the end of the spout automatically
    Just pull up and the valve shuts off fluid flow
    No vent to open and close or to leak when pouring
    Stops over filling and prevents spilling
    Sturdy construction, made square to maximise storage areas

    10L fuel can
    1x orange ripper cap

  • OptiMate 2 4-step 12v 0.8A Battery Charger


    OptiMate 2 4-step 12v 0.8A Battery Charger
    OptiMate 2 is weatherproof, very easy to use, simply connect to the battery and plug it into the nearest power socket, the rest is fully automatic. With 0.8A constant current OptiMate 2 automatically brings the battery to full charge and then switches to the unique OptiMate battery saving maintenance charge mode to keep the battery at 100% ready and at the same time provides power to the on board computer, display or anti theft alarm.

  • OptiMate 1 DUO 4 stage 12v 0.6A Battery Charger


    OptiMate 1 DUO 4 stage 12v 0.6A Battery Charger
    OptiMate 1, the best fully automatic battery maintainer for your motorcycle, ATV, Side by Side or personal watercraft – Connect and forget 24-7 maintenance!
    Delivers unsupervised long term maintenance to your 12V lead-acid (STD, AGM, GEL) battery.
    100% automatic program delivers safe long-term battery care. – Connect and forget, no more battery problems!
    OptiMate’s 24-7 smart maintenance guarantees more battery power, longer battery life!

  • THOR Sector Knee guard adult black


    THOR Sector Knee guard adult black

    Sector Knee Guards feature a large kneecup with dual limiting straps to keep them in place and provide a secure fit. Injection molded knee and shin panels are constructed of durable polypropylene for longevity.


    Durable polypropylene molded knee and shin panels
    Two adjustable retention straps prevent repositioning while riding
    CE approved



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