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    • EVS Celtek kidney Belt Black


      EVS Celtek kidney Belt Black

      Celtek Kidney Belt The standard in lower spine protection and support.
      Reinforced lower spine panel. Dual-pull velcro adjustment system.
      Channeled hex-foam for maximum ventilation and support.
      Ergonomically designed to provide maximum support and mobility.
      High-density thermal plastic rubber panel for impact resistance.

    • EVS Option Elbow Guards black mini/kids


      EVS Option Elbow Guards black mini/kids

      The EVS Elbow Guards Option – Mini offer good protection for both the elbow and the forearm. In addition, this type of elbow protection is also extremely comfortable! These elbow guards have been specially designed for the smallest kids on the track.

      Features EVS Elbow Guards Option – Mini:

      Special fit for the smallest kids
      Reinforced and hard molded polypropylene shell
      Perforated bio-foam comfortable liner for breathability
      Tri-Y forearm strap-system provides more support and keeps the protector in place
      Extended protection for the forearm
      Asymmetric: Left and right contains a specific design
      Sold in pairs
      Size: min

    • THOR Elbow guard quadrant


      THOR Elbow guard quadrant

      Adjustable closure system with a moisture-wicking retention sleeve
      Stitched-in foam elbow donut increased comfort and ensure proper positioning
      Extensive vent channels improve comfort and air circulation

    • THOR Sector Knee guard adult black


      THOR Sector Knee guard adult black

      Sector Knee Guards feature a large kneecup with dual limiting straps to keep them in place and provide a secure fit. Injection molded knee and shin panels are constructed of durable polypropylene for longevity.


      Durable polypropylene molded knee and shin panels
      Two adjustable retention straps prevent repositioning while riding
      CE approved

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